Saturday, May 17, 2014

Loft Living

It's been a while crocodiles!

Sorry, again, for all of the silence in these here parts. I have been distracted by something called a "Full Time Job", and when you add in two hours of commuting each day, it really makes it hard to find time to keep up with all of my lovely Internet friends (all 3 of you!)...

But, I digress. Today I wanted to share something a little bit more fun! I have been slightly obsessing over Loft style condos and wanted to share some pictures of my favourite places. D and I would love living in spaces like these, however, they are at the top end/beyond our price point... and its really hard for us to say yes to a place just because it has exposed duct-work! These aren't necessarily located near us, FYI, these are just gorgeous photos I found while browsing the interwebs, ya dig?

I bet generations of old are rolling over in their graves that there are people like me and D who love "unfinished" places... C'est la vie!

Okay, so on to some fancy photos, shall we?

Look at that exposed brick!!! Warning... all of these photos may have this feature... okay... moving on...

I can't even handle the balcony/staircase in this one... So rustic and gorgeous! Again, exposed brick... but I don't like the colour of it, to be honest... Note - finished walls do exist in my dreams folks :)

iLoftCondos. Toronto Lofts and Toronto Condos
SPIRAL STAIRCASE!!! Come on people - this stuff is gorgeous! Also... check out the breakfast bar/island combo... I like the use of space in this kitchen. QUESTION: How do you get your bed up that staircase when moving in? (Maybe there is an elevator?!)

Ummm this is a hotel in Montreal.. As in Canada... as in I need to go stay here! Also, those walls... People - do you understand what I find so delicious about these walls?  I love how rough and raw and ORIGINAL (looking) they are.

Floating staircases are so cool! I love the neutral colour palate of this space, the funky windows, and the exposed brick (obviously). I would just throw in some fabulously punchy coloured pieces and be living the dream... my dream!

Okay, I need to stop or else I will be so very sad. These are the places of my dreams, kids... And I think the common theme we have discovered is: exposed brick, awesome unique staircase, and exposed beams make a pretty lovely place.

I hope you are enjoying your Saturday wherever you are!


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  2. Gotta love the exposed brick!! I've always wanted to live in a loft just like these. Although not as classy, see also Dave and Max's loft apartment from Happy Endings.


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