Thursday, April 3, 2014

House Talk: So You Want to be a Home Owner

Via Dream Vision Carolinas
I have been thinking... thinking A LOT lately about houses and becoming a First Time Home Owner. Well, WE have been thinking (couldn't/wouldn't do it without D)...

I am at this stage in life where I want to take control and keep moving forward. I'm not sure if this stems from wanting to keep up with some of my friends (hello - not trying to be jealous, but somehow this is in the back of my head); or if I just know it is the right next move.

To me, home ownership is the next big adventure on my life list (among one other thing that also involves D). It is a huge purchase that takes a lot of thought, patience, the ability to see the big picture, some future insight, and one of those crazy/exciting things that comes with growing up and moving on...

D sees home ownership as an investment. It is a practical purchase that must be made without emotion, with the thought of re-sale, and the ability to make some kind of money or at least keep its value. He is not so boring as all of these things, this is just how he makes decisions. One of us has to be completely rational or we would get no where.

I just let emotion play into it when I see something I truly love, whereas he will hold back until it is actually in his possession. Is this a male/female difference? Or a Kimiko/D difference? I'm not really sure. (Note - I am not like this in my professional life, it's just something about life decisions that makes me emotional).

Via Curbly
One of the things we do agree on, for the most part, is how excited we are to make somewhere our own... to decorate and do cool things to... to put our money back into our own pocket instead of our landlord's... we even agreed on a statement wall in our future living room made out of rustic wood planks! (It's the little wins my friends).

Last fall we seriously considered buying a house up north (great value!), but it was just too far away and the reason we would have moved there fell through. We looked at over 15 houses in two weekends and then decided we would wait... and wait... and wait... and now, after a little prodding, I have convinced D that this is OUR year. This is the year that things are going to change, move, and grow. This is OUR year to buy a house and make something completely ours. Now we are going to start looking West of the "Big City" and hoping we can find something in our price range in the city we actually want to live in. We are talking a gorgeous waterfront and funky downtown area my friends - these are the things that sell me on a place.

So I hope you will follow along this journey of ours - I promise to keep you posted. I think this will be a great adventure. Feel free to share any insight you have on buying a home - we would love any tips and tricks!

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  1. Ahh this is soon exciting!!!!! What's a great next step in our journey together. You better keep us posted on the progress!

    1. Obviously meant your* journey...LOL!


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